The current humdrum reality.


Staying motivated on the daily routine can already be a difficult task even when the world isn’t falling apart, let alone when you’re constantly having to adapt to an ever-changing and increasingly solitary existence.

The situation got a whole lot worse locally here in Malta, since the number of active Covid-19 cases spiked to over 500 in one day, just this week. This is a similar narrative in numerous countries worldwide. As a result you’re probably arranging your operational approach, and are once again re-learning how to respond to your clients as things shift. Right now, brands and marketers need to re-invent the wheel to bridge the gap that unpredictability has caused.

Everything has changed in the past year, even big businesses with an already-established income base have felt the hit, let alone small businesses and startups who are relying on funding to get by.

It may feel as though all the effort you’re putting into your business is futile. This is especially true in the local pandemic-struck scene. As a business owner you’ve had to cut budgets, and your marketing campaigns are having a far smaller effect than you’d hoped for. All your efforts bounce back as yet another disaster or lock-down forces you to shift plans. Don’t give up! Now is not the time to give in to exasperation. There’s hope yet.


How can you kickstart a motivated morale?


#1. Don’t be afraid to lean into the fear and anxieties of the times. Capture the spirit and mood shared by humanity, and use it to connect with your audience by creating a sense of community. Find a reason to bring people together (figuratively). Prove the value of your brand, and let your customers know that you’re there to support them.


#2. Take initiative as a brand to do what you can for your immediate community. Kindness is the way forward, a genuine notion will not go unnoticed. By engaging with kindness you will heighten the public’s trust and favourability towards your brand. A strong leader is one who nurtures trust and loyalty in their team, in their clientele, and even more so in their direct community. Fostering strong relationships is the key to success.


#3. Empower yourself by empowering your team. A proven way to re-ignite motivation in yourself is to see those around you push forward, and as a business owner you are able to do just that. Give your team the tools they need to keep moving forward, and this is not just referring to hardware.

Get creative, you can provide access to an online cloud of resources, establish regular communication, and build a dynamic community. Boost your employees’ mental health by offering personal support, or go the extra mile and organize online group activities. Keep your team connected and actively involved. Engage with your team, and you will increase their morale as well as your own.



Here’s to your days looking more productive, and may you wake up excited and motivated to face each new work opportunity.



The Flint Team